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The Pilot Project is not an agency and will not act to represent you or your work. We're too lazy.
You are responsible for taking adequate measures to safeguard copyrights to all materials submitted. 
Scripts may only be submitted during advertised periods of submission.  
​Your script MUST be for a PILOT episode intended for television or web. 
It must be a complete episode. We don't read outlines, treatments, scenes etc.
Do not write your name or contact details in your PDF documents.
You will be notified if your script has been selected for reading.
Your script will then be forwarded to our current roster of experts who will send us their feedback.
Once received, all feedback will be collated and emailed back to you.
We reserve the right to post your name, the title of your script, its genre and the names of your mentors on this site and on social media.
 Logline, Synopsis and Script
(in that order)
in ONE PDF to
Please write your script's name and genre in the email subject line.
Logline must be 1-3 lines and
the synopsis should be just ONE paragraph. 
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