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Things we look for in a script

The Pilot Project is an acedemic exercise. We want to make Canadian writers better. We don't want you to write in the dark, submit and hope for the best. We want your hard work to be smarter and to really count. So here is how we shortlist.

We have adopted a 10 point coverage system which instantly shows us how far along the development process a story really is.  Each coverage item is rated on a scale from 1 to 10 and the script with the highest cumulative points is sent to the experts for feedback.  

There are two important things to note here. Firstly, this system does NOT account for the personal tastes and preferences of the reader or expert.  This is an exercise in industry standard of STORY CONSTRUCTION. As we all know, there are many audiences out there and one reader's cup of tea may not be another's. This system ensures the absence of personal bias.

Secondly, and more importantly, ALL the items on the checklist below must be evident in the script within the first 10 pages. 15 at best. This is how agents and producers get through reams of scripts and we are trying, ultimately, to write for them.  

We look for:

1. Clarity of concept

2. Originality

3. A clear sense of the story world and it's stakes

4. The main character's stakes & a sense of this character's arc

5.  Well defined secondary characters and their stakes

6. Clear plot structure (defined acts)

7. Interesting forward moving action

8. Scenes add value and move story forward

9. Potential for a full season

10. Potential for future seasons

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