"My experience with the Pilot Project was overwhelmingly positive. I received valuable feedback from Ruth Trippit which was a big confidence boost, and helped me prepare for a new and improved 2nd draft. My pilot has since been shortlisted for the National Screen Institute's (NSI) Totally Television Program and the Pilot Project has better prepared me for that process. Thanks to Rabia Khan for organizing such a great opportunity for emerging Canadian screenwriters. I also applaud the fact that there was no cost to enter, the Project's intentions are pure and true."   - Andrew





 Why should purebred pets have all the fun?



"I really appreciated the feedback given to me by Brandon Lane. His notes were thoughtful and helped me to think not just in terms of story, but how to pitch and sell a show in the animation market. I’m excited to incorporate his feedback into the next draft of my script and continue working on my "Pageants Pets" Pilot Project (couldn't pass up the alliteration there!)."  - Crystal


An antisocial, UFO skeptic must uncover a secret agency's mission of world domination.



"If you’re lost in the woods, it’s good to have friends with you. But those friends can’t show you the way out or let you know you’re moving in the right direction. They’re just as lost as you are. The Pilot Project is like a shout from the highway, proof that you’re heading in the right direction and that there is, in fact, an end to the forest. I’m so grateful to the organizers, readers, and industry professionals that donated their time to shout into the woods. Without their help, I’d still be walking in circles."  - Donald




A couple of misfits try to keep their jobs by stopping a crumbling outer space

amusement park from closing down.

"Trying to break into TV writing can be daunting and lonely and so I was very excited to have my script selected as part of the Pilot Project. It was my first time receiving feedback from a production executive and getting a shout out in the inkcanada facebook group (which genuinely made me feel cool). Thanks to Rabia and the experts for their commitment to assisting new writers!"  - Ellie




When an urgent kidney transplant brings Kevin Kidney into John’s crazy body, Kevin the new kid must adjust to a new life with a whole new set of organs.

"The Pilot Project was a very useful experience for me. The expert gave a lot of valuable notes that helped me see things from a fresh and uniquely experienced perspective. I agreed with a lot of what Brandon Lane felt needed to be improved upon and have implemented a lot of those improvements into new drafts. To be totally honest, I think I gained the most from the fact that the script didn't seem to fully resonate with him. It forced me to deal with rejection head on, an inevitable and continuous experience in this industry, and on a personal level, coming to terms with that brought me one step closer to surrendering and overcoming my stupid ego, which is the main purpose of life! 10/10: Would Pilot Project again!"  - Jeff




"I was extremely excited to hear that my pilot would benefit from the feedback of not one, but several industry professionals.  I have found their feedback invaluable, not just regarding structure and character, but also the state of the industry, and technical considerations. I am so grateful for their insight, and I look forward to implementing their notes to make my script the best it can be.  I can't wait to tell others about this rare and valuable initiative. As someone who generally has trouble asking for help, this was a truly priceless opportunity." - Joel




Two dysfunctional families are drawn together unexpectedly in the aftermath of major life events. 

"The feedback I received through The Pilot Project has proven invaluable in honing my skills as a storyteller, creating deep, multi-dimensional characters, and exploring what makes a strong and unique concept that fits into the current marketplace. Each panelist brought a distinct but equally informative perspective to my original dramedy “Grown Up”, providing a range of thoughts and suggestions to optimize the script’s potential. Overall, I found the experience helpful and would highly recommend submitting a script!" - Lewis



*sci-fi action*

With her memory wiped and on the run from the InterStellar Collective, the controlling faction in 2163, Grey Singer must reclaim enough of her past to figure out who’s side she’s on, and keep the ones she loves alive.

"Participation in, and ultimately winning, the Pilot Project Drama Category for my script Erased was an invaluable experience. It allowed me an opportunity to  showcase my work, and to receive feedback from and access to professionals working in the industry today. I can’t say enough positive things about this experience." - Liz



*fantasy comedy*

Fay, an alcoholic witch, and Burns, a Scottish cat, set off to save their kingdom from a maniacal new ruler.

"Please pass along a massive thanks to Janet Maclean.  Her notes were incredibly helpful! I'm really excited to incorporate them into the latest draft. The sheer amount of feedback was amazing.  More than anything, though, her enthusiasm for the jokes and her kind words about the project were just so motivating." - Matt




A 46th century tech slave turned ninja hacker must travel the outrageous worlds of a super huge space ark in order to save humanity from extinction

"The opportunity to get feedback from luminaries of the Canadian screenwriting world is a mind blowing experience. The Pilot Project made it happen." - Michael




The animated adventures of 12 year old Riley, who discovers a magic wand and accidentally becomes the chosen one and her best friend Todd, who once did so good in a potato eating contest they retired his jersey. 

"Thank you for this. The whole process has been so rewarding. Really appreciate all that you've done! :)" - Mike




That's one small step for her... but a giant felony for humanity.

"I found this experience incredibly helpful. The notes were insightful and allowed me to refine my script and concept. I would recommend any inspiring writer to take part in this wonderful program." - Thomas

The Winners Circle

Read about the amazing writers who made the final cut, their scripts and what they had to say about their experience with The Pilot Project.

When the world's youngest transit commissioner Kevin Phoenix implements standardized interviews, his deadbeat siblings snag the answers and score plum positions. Whether asleep at the ticket booth, racing buses, or punching out customers, Kevin has his hands full keeping them in line... and keeping his job.

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